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29 May,2016

Our new project collaborated with Environmental Protection Department. We completed the booklet design for T · PARK opening in June 2016.

T · PARK is a world-class sludge treatment facility in Nim Wan of Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. Designed by renowned French architect Claude Vasconi.
The streamlined and wave form design was inspired by the surrounding sea and hills.

The concept behind T · PARK is simple and clear: a facility that transforms ‘waste-to-energy’. It combines a variety of advanced technologies with
recreational,educational and ecological features in a single complex. It points the way to more sustainable future in Hong Kong, and sets high
standards for green practices in building design.

The booklet design is inspired by the T · PARK logo (designed by Milkxhake). We tried to apply the wave forms in different combination in each
chapter. The wave form proportion and shape are based on the logo and it is the characteristic of the architecture. The different combination of
wave form is representing the possibility of ‘waste-to-energy’.

Booklet design: Ksana Design Studio
Naming and visual identity: Milkxhake


28 August,2015

Our long time ago project Skim of Skin has been featured in Viction:ary’s new book - PALETTE No.6: Transparent.

Transparency is a powerful attribute in design, carrying a personality that can be as glaring as hues. It extends and limits vision, spawns a sense of
presence and absence and conceals and reveals content, luring viewers into exploring what lies beneath and beyond. Whether it is a tangible element or
a conceptual idea that deceives the eyes, it is this beguiling layer that can make all the difference.

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8 August, 2013

Free pitching is a term used to describe the supply of design services without payment.

Free pitching may be initiated by a customer who requests the provision of free services, or it may be initiated by a designer who
provides free services in the hopes of later payment.

Free pitching is condemned by professional design organisations around the world.

Free pitching undermines the value of design services and destroys the professional standing of designers.

Free pitching has many forms

On the client side there are many ways, both obvious and disguised, in which designers are encouraged to provide their skills for free.
In general a professional designer should avoid providing their skills for free except in genuine cases of charity or in competitions where
there is no intent to avoid the purchase of professional services.

On the designer side designers initiating free pitching as a marketing method is a very messy area. It is a continuum that ranges from
the blatant to the apparently innocuous. It includes actions such as deliberately trying to displace existing professional relationships by
providing free design, the provision of design concepts within a tender or a request for quotation, participating in a design ‘competition’ to
‘win’ a public project, and handing over brain-storming sketches at an initial client meeting to select a design consultant.

It would be a rare designer who could say that they had a completely clean slate.

Free pitching is stealing your time

A further complexity is the existence of well-established traditions such as public competitions in the field of architecture for major
public works. And the agency pitches that are a media cliché in the advertising industry.

Precedents such as these make it very difficult for a professional body to establish a clear rule. The DIA's Practice Note PN008 Free
Pitching and Design Competitions includes guidelines for running design competitions to avoid situations that take advantage of designers.
The DIA has been successful on many occasions in having competition conditions changed to provide fairer treatment of designers.

Young designers trying to carve a niche in a market with well established players face strong temptations to free pitch. The best advice is
to think clearly about the extent to which you are undermining your ability to sell your services in future dealings with the customer and
the degree to which you are destroying your professional credibility. Spending the same time and resources on an existing client
relationship or the broad search for clients prepared to engage you on the strength of your folio is likely to yield more certain returns.

- from < Say no to Free Pitching, Design Institute of Australia >

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29 July, 2013

Our work was selected by WHO DID IT again. This is the identity of CHAI-WA-WA.

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28 October, 2013

Ricky's interview is featured in Clip Magazine issue 031.


22 October, 2013

Our work is selected by WHO DID IT again. This is the book design of 69°N 51°W.

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69°N 51°W

22 July, 2013

We highly recommend this book to you that is about Ricky's trip to Iceland and Greenland last year.
The book "69°N 51°W" and CD is out now at Hong Kong Book Fair!

Joint Publishing HK, Booth: 1E


25 June,2013

Ricky is having a seminar with Zhang Ya Dong in this Saturday at Metroplaza, you are all welcome!

Date: 29th July, 2013
Time: 5:00pm - 6:15pm
Location: Metroplaza 3/F piazza
Speaker: Zhang Ya Dong + Ricky Lai

*Please indicate the date of participation, participants name, your name and contact number.
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8 April,2013

Here is a song Ricky wrote last year, called The Trail. It's taken from an album that he is currently working on, which will be released this summer. Enjoy!


18 March,2013

Laissez Faire London is a magazine focusing on fashion, arts, culture and entertainment - it is all about inspiring creativity and
innovation with interesting articles and features. Ricky was invited by them to have a interview to talk about his Organic Wood Drawing.
The interview content are below:

There new blood have a vantage point from which to take in the great reform, and opening up to the elements this month,
is graphic designer Ricky Lai, with his Organic Wood Drawing, A bit of eloquence and a Willo-The-Wisp imagination is enough to
urn modified square pieces of wood into a hand crafted precision tool kit beset with mystic traditions and visual magic.

Ricky: This piece aims to create an illustration that is extendable, interchangeable, and unexpected. Rather than the use of traditional drawing
mediums, the work uses wood, which is the raw material of paper, to portray a sense of nature and create an organic feeling that is
lasting and unending.

The wood is modified to a square form with holes on each side that can link up with other pieces; as a result the narrative on the wood could
develop in different directions and represents an endless journey.

The story may extend into other pieces or revolve back to the same position; therefore it is unpredictable and random.

Please go to the Laissez Faire London to check the latest issue (Issue 15) to read the full content:


28 January,2013

FPO is a blog dedicated to the visual stimulus and the detailing of the development and production of printed matte: Annual reports,
books, business cards, stationery suites, collateral materials, posters, packaging and anything else where ink meets substrate.
We are so happy that our work: Enigma 2011 FW Catalogue - Skim of Skin was selected by FPO. The post is included our feeling and
the reviewers comment. Thank you Kelly. Thank you Enigma give us a chance to join this project.

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28 January,2013

Our work was selected by WHO DID IT again. This is the name card design of Stylekiki.

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29 August,2012

Topong was invited by NEWWEBPICK to have an interview last month. The interview will be published in NewWebPick e-zine
Issue 41 and it had been released. Now, we would like to share the interview content below, thank you NewWebPick and
Danny's invitation.

Tell us a little bit about your background?

I am a native graphic designer whom born and raised in Hong Kong. I begin my interest in studying web and graphic design many
years ago. After graduating from the college, I continued my studying on graphic design at Caritas Bianchi College of Careers and
achieved an Gold Key award. As school finished, I worked in some small design studios in Hong Kong for some years. One day,
I felt stuck, I felt that I was just too little, I had not seen enough to make me a better designer, I realized I really need to learn and
feel more with my own eyes and hands, and to gain experiences on every chance I have come into. Hence, I decided to set up
my own design studio, together with Ricky, my senior friend from school as my partner. I really thank Ricky for all his supports.

Who are your main inspirations? / What are your influences?

I do not like trapping myself inside the studio for long hours. In order to get inspirations, I love to go out, to see more, and to see what
is happening around me, around the world. One of the benefits having my own studio is that I do not need to limit my work styles due
to company’s rules, I do not have to limit myself at any time to go out for inspirations. Although I am not physically siting in the studio
all day long, I know very well and am good at allocate time, meeting deadlines etc. I will and I can ensure every single work is to be
done at a specific time on a specific date. I am proud to share with you that my time management skill is definitely a plus besides
graphic design.

How do you keep motivated and interested?

Sources of inspirations are from all around. There are always designs around us, things we see, we touch, we feel can become
the source of inspirations.

KenyaHara from Japan and Hung Lam from Hong Kong are my favorite designers, their design philosophy and values have affected
me a lot, also, my computer teacher back in the college also moved me a lot, he encouraged me to do what I am good at and to
really enjoy in it, if this is not him who encourage me, I might not go for graphic design, but in business administration.

I love hanging around in the bookstores, reading increase my sensitivities to the world, to things happening around. I often say I got
fully charged after sinking myself in the design books, and often impulse me to return to the studio immediately to start my design.
Recently, I also browse onto some design sites to search for different types of design from other parts of the world to
broader my perspectives.

Do you have any new projects coming up that you can tell us about?

We do have several brand design projects on discussion process now, wish us luck.

What do you know about your country’s design/designers?

There are quite a numbers of excellent designers in Hong Kong. KAN Tai Keung is one I inspired the most, Tommy Lee, Eddy Yu,
Hung Lam, Benny Luk, Javin Mo and Henry Chu are also my respected designers.

Any words you would like to pass it to new comer designers?

Ask yourself if you really enjoy in designs, if you really like it and enjoy doing it, I believe you will find a way of your own. Modesty and
sense of responsibility is absolutely are must. In my opinion, modesty is the strongest weapon as you continue to progress, while
responsibility, include your own concept of time, the education of customers and your respect for the design, to at least do not be late,
and do not participate in unpaid bidding and plagiarism etc.

I ponder consider that design can be a slow progress, no one expects you to start to be a master, but if you have a wrong state of
mind, it will be so difficult to step your way back.

Any final comments?

KSANA is still growing, we are not yet a very outstanding studio, but we are always improving and trying to climb up to the top. We
will keep exploding ideas and enthusiasm on our designs to make better and more powerful work! Thank you again for NEWWEBPICK to
give us this opportunity to let the world to know about KSANA.

Please go to the NewWebPick to download the lite ver. or buy the full ver. to read the full content:


05 July,2012

New web pick is a international digital designer union and a community of international digital designers, is one globe designing
information focusing on the digital designing. Our website design - just got the NEWWEBPICK QUALIFICATION
becuase of the design and technology. Thank you all who supported us in this design project.

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16 June,2012

Central Saint Martins BA Graphic Design Degree Show 2012

Date: 14 June at 11:00 to 21 June at 18:00
Venue: Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, The Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King's Cross, London, N1C 4AA

welcome to visit!


24 February,2012

WHO DID IT? - Genre, category, regardless of nationality,
All of art or creative producer (credits) are introduced. Our Calendar - TWO THOUSAND TWELVE just
got the "Did of the day" in WHO DID IT.

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17 October,2011

We were invited to the Kidrobot x Swatch launch event at the new Swatch store on 5th Ave.
Live painting together with the Kidrobot artists Frank Kozik, Jeremyville and Mad. The event was fun and interactive.

Please go to our facebook page to see more details:


14 September,2011

We were invited to Jeremy Scott's S/S '12 presentation during New York fashion week.
It's time to retire seriousness.

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02 June,2011

Kongcept2031, organized by Hong Kong Designers Association(HKDA), funded by Create Hong Kong, is a project about
design ideas for the life of Hong Kong people in the year 2031. Imagine the style of living in 20 years’ time, What will the
technology be like? What will the pace of life be like? How will people go to work? How will they communicate with each other?
Will there be new energy source? What will be fashionable? What is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’?

Part 1 \\
Date: 03 June to 15 June
Opening Hours: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Venue: 2/F Central Oasis Gallery, 80 Des Voeux Road Central

Part 2 \\
Date: 23 July to 06 August
Opening Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: D-mart, Hong Kong Design Institute, 3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, N.T. (Tiu Keng Leng MTR Station)

welcome to visit!